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Weekly Goals (March 19 -25)

I forgot to write goals for last week, because after a week off and daylight savings, I was a mess.  Early in the week I was in a car accident and most of my attention went to that for the rest of the week!  Here was my list from the beginning of March:

Family Goals:
Go for a walk together (My feet were very swollen and I was advised to just relax)
Play a board game together
Attend kid’s group at church
Take my turn in the book we’re reading together (I picked out my next activity and just need to do it)

Homemaking Goals:
Hang pictures in the dining room and living room (we recently switched these rooms)
Make at least one freezer meal for after pregnancy
Stick to the menu I planned
Get ready to entertain at the birthday party on Saturday

Work Goals:
Relax and don’t think about it! 🙂

I think I did fairly well.  I made far more than one freezer meal for after pregnancy (though, I’m not sure how many will last until June – they look so yummy!)  As for being a productive spring break – I’ve had better.  I didn’t even realize I hadn’t accomplished anything until Thursday when I sat down to plan my freezer cooking.  It was nice to relax a little bit, at home, by myself, pre-baby 🙂

Family Goals:
Read a book with my son every night before bed.
Go for a walk together.
Make resurrection cookies.

Homemaking Goals:
Use the clotheslines, not the dryer.
Finish sewing the crib skirt (one side attached already).
Sew half of the squares for the rag quilt.
List the washer and bed in the classifieds.

Work Goals:
Grade assignments within one class meeting.
Refresh waiting list by emailing everyone to see who is still interested.

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