DIY Nursery: Part 1

My Nursery To-Do List: 
  • Buy crib
  • Buy changing table
  • Make crib skirt (started)
  • Make quilt (started)
  • Make bumper pads
  • Make changing pad
  • Make curtains
  • Cut and hang blinds
  • Paint window frames

 The first things we did for the nursery was to buy some furniture!  I picked the Davinci Jenny Lind Stationary Crib in Cherry.  I had every intention of buying this crib from Amazon, but I found it at a local surplus store for $65 (score!!!).  I splurged a bit on this dry sink (see left) bought at a local primitive store — but I supported local business so I think it was okay to splurge.  I plan to use this as a changing table and a dresser.

I started making the rag quilt, following the tutorial by Jubilee Fabric.  I’ve never made a quilt before.  The most complicated sewing project I ever tried was making curtains for my son’s room.

I think I’m doing a pretty good job!  I am not using batting between the layers, because my baby is due in June and I do not want a heavy quilt.  I am using mostly homespun fabric and a little bit of flannel fabric.
I also started the crib skirt.  I got Simplicity Sewing Pattern 9140 because I wanted a ruffly crib skirt and most tutorials I found online were for plain crib skirts.  The pattern also includes many other crib accessories – I may try to make bumper pads from the pattern if I have time to make them.  The crib skirt will be the red plaid fabric pictured above in the quilt.  I have all of the pieces cut out and one end panel sewn on, which I got done all in one day!  I have learned that I despise hemming, so I’ve started procrastinating a bit on the other sides of the crib skirt.  Hopefully I can get some more done with it next week!
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2 thoughts on “DIY Nursery: Part 1”

    1. Ha! It’s not lived-in yet 🙂 The only a/c in our house is our master bedroom, so the whole family is sleeping there until it cools off. But, I suppose I could put together an update 🙂

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