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Organizer Fever

“I need a new planner.”  It’s not true, but I keep telling myself that it is.  Right now, I’m using a small binder to carry with me and a normal-sized binder to keep reference info.  Now that I’m rather largely pregnant, I don’t carry more than my wallet and the small binder.  The bigger binder gets left in the car a lot, unless I’m sitting in a waiting room somewhere– then I get it out and pay bills, plan menus, etc.  Honestly, even when I’m using the bigger binder, I still leave it in the car and just take what I need out of it.

In my small binder, I have:

  • membership cards
  • a pocket to keep my to-do’s
  • a wish list
  • MPG tracking sheet for my car
  • packing lists
  • blank pages for recipes
  • reference prices for stock-pile shopping
  • pet info
  • monthly calendar
  • week-on-one-page calendar
  • address book
In the bigger binder, I have:

  • cleaning lists
  • master menu
  • freezer inventory
  • financial goals
  • gift ideas and gifts bought
  • schedules for schools, soccer, church, volunteering, hubby’s sports, etc 
  • monthly calendar
  • list of pregnancy-approved meds

I want a better system.  I need a better system.  I end up moving stuff from the big binder to the smaller to make it more “handy”, then my stuff is all over the place or cramped in my tiny binder.  I like the A5 size binder – because it is really easy to make your own pages, but it’s half the size of a standard binder.  There’s enough room to write, but it doesn’t require a tote bag to carry it around.  It seems to be a nice hybrid of what I’m using now.

And, of course, I want a purple one.  It has to be pretty or I won’t use it regularly.

This is my dream binder.   

The Filofax A5 Finchley in Imperial Purple.  It’s the bigger, purple version of what I use as my small binder.  The leather is so soft and luxurious.  And, of course, it’s purple.  But, it’s ridiculously expensive and it’s not available in the US –so, as much as I love it, I won’t pay to have it shipped from Italy.

So these are the candidates:


Both are, of course, purple.
Both are size A5.
Both have credit card pockets.
Both have a notepad spot in the back.
Both have a closure of some sort.

The Day Runner Terramo:
-is closer in design to the Filofax Finchley (pictured above)
-has a big pocket on the inside to keep loose papers or even a small notebook
-comes with a notepad
-is the exact planner Mom has, so I can actually hold it and see if I would like it
doesn’t have a “secure” closure (it seems like the tab would easily slide open if I stuffed the binder)  My mom confirms that the sliding tab stays shut and even allows for the binder to be stuffed fuller than a snap closure would.

The Filofax Domino:
-is a Filofax.. I’m partial to Filofaxes
-has two pockets on the inside to keep loose papers
-does not come with a notepad
-is not sold in stores, so I can’t go see one before I buy it (though, there are many blog reviews of the A5 Domino)
-has a secure closure that would hold lose papers – even on the outside cover of the binder (ie. shopping lists).

I can find them for around the same price.  The Filofax seems to run a bit more expensive most of the time, unless a good deal appears on eBay.

Help me decide!!  Vote in the comments :o)

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment, make my day!!

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