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Proverbs 31 Book Club

Last fall, I joined a new bible study group at my church.  We are a very diverse group of ladies, but I thoroughly enjoy spending time with them every-other-Wednesday!!  We eat and chat about our families and discuss God’s word and how we can apply it in our lives.  But, because of vacations (and expected babies) we’re not going to meet during the summer months.

It will be nice to have a break.  But, I can’t help but be disappointed that I’m going to lose the accountability of a small group, at a time that I think I need it most.  With a drastic change of routine looming in the very near future, I need something to keep me motivated and accountable to spend time in God’s word on a daily basis — something more than skimming the “Daily Bread” devotional before I crawl out of bed in the morning.  Not that there is anything wrong with doing that — because I do — but I am so much more focused when I work through a study of some sort.

One blogger that I follow regularly is Courtney at Women Living Well.  When I learned about the Proverbs 31 study going on this summer, I was thrilled!  Courtney’s ebook, “The Proverbs 31 Woman – One Virtue at a Time”, has been on my reading list for awhile.

This Good Morning Girls’ study uses the SOAP method – which was new to me.  We only focus on a few verses each day, but have a chance to really dig into each verse!  SOAP stands for scripture, observations, applications, and prayer.  I’m really learning a lot using this method – even though we only focus on one or two verses every day.  Honestly, I was disappointed that the study skips the weekends!!

Yesterday on Facebook, Angela from Good Morning Girls, challenged us to invite a friend to join the study, because “you never know the difference you can make when you extend an invitation to someone.”  I had planned to do the study on my own because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stay on the schedule right after the baby is born.  I’m always more-than-content working alone on something.  Maybe God has a different plan… I posted about the study last night on Facebook, inviting anyone interested to join me.  I’m excited to see what happens!!

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2 thoughts on “Proverbs 31 Book Club”

  1. Hi Krissy, visiting from the GMG link up. I hope you do get to do the study with others, even if you feel you wont be able to keep up after the baby comes. I'm sure you'll find that the others would be very understanding. As one who has done most of the studies alone, I have to tell you that being part of a group is amazing! There is so much support and encouragement…not just in the study but in life in general. There's prayer support and wonderful words of wisdom and advice too. Good luck and I hope you have a safe delivery.

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