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31 Days to Clean REBOOT (Days 1-5)

Sarah Mae’s “31 Days to Clean Reboot” has come at the perfect time for me :o) It plays right into my nesting instincts.  This first week, we worked on our bedrooms.  Starting with the closet, we worked through our clothes in the dresser, the top of the dresser, under the bed, and the nightstands.

Martha Challenge #1:

We have two closets — a very small one in our room (so small the door won’t close when there are hangers on the rail) and a normal sized closet in the nursery.  The closet in our room is the go-to closet.  The nursery closet is for things that need hung but not worn regularly.  I sorted through my clothes in the nursery closet first and ended up with half of what was there before!  I had recently “decluttered” my clothes because I needed room for maternity sizes — but I still found things that I was hanging on to but not wearing.  I filled a small box with things to add to the yardsale pile. 
Nursery Closet BEFORE
Nursery Closet AFTER

Then I moved to our room.  I had barely anything hung in our room because I’m only wearing maternity clothes right now.  I switched sides with DH (moved my clothes from the right to the left) so I could hang my dresses in our room.  I hope my dresses will fit again soon!

Our Closet BEFORE
Our Closet AFTER

Martha Challenge #2:
I recruited DH to help with the dresser (since most of it was his) and I am so happy with the finished product!  Chances are, if it doesn’t take an hour to clean off, I will actually dust it now!
Dresser BEFORE
Dresser AFTER

Martha Challenge #3:

We have drawers under our bed, so I sorted through my clothes and reorganized them.  DH vacuumed along the edge of the bed.  
Martha Challenge #4:  
And finally the night stand… These are my favorite before-after photos….

{drumroll please}
Night Stand BEFORE
Night Stand AFTER!!!!!

That’s right… it’s GONE!  That’s my “oh-no-I’m-in-labor-rushing-to-the-hospital” bag, so that will be gone in the next few weeks, too!  The stand was full of textbooks that I had for sale online… but we also had an empty bookshelf in the office so out they went.  I actually couldn’t open one of my under-bed-drawers because the night stand was in the way, so I am so thankful that it’s gone.

Martha Challenge #5:
I’m trying to help DH tidy-up and organize his nightstand, too.  Other than that, our bedroom is clean!!

As for the Mary challenges:  I’m hearing the echoing message to set aside quiet time, every day, to listen for God’s direction.  I’m really struggling with waiting on God’s will and surrendering the “planning” to him.  One of my goals from the Good Morning Girls study was to memorize several verses.  I picked my first verse to memorize – Psalm 119:29 “Keep me from lying to myself.  Give me the privilege of knowing your instructions.”  It’s a verse that has become a prayer – Stop me from making the plans and convincing myself that I know best.  Show me your will and tell me what you want me to do.

I’m so glad the challenge started in our bedrooms.  This newly decluttered space is so relaxing and will be so much more welcoming to our newest roommate next week!!
Have you joined the Reboot Challenge?  How is your bedroom looking?  

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7 thoughts on “31 Days to Clean REBOOT (Days 1-5)”

    1. I always think it's so awesome when I'm studying something in one place and it's reinforced somewhere else. The Proverbs 31 study I'm doing with goodmorninggirls.org is overlapping well with the Mary Challenges that sarahmae.com is offering!! See you at the link-up tomorrow 🙂

  1. I've been participating in the Reboot as well and my bedroom is now SPOTLESS! I love it! You did a great job on yours! I started in my kids' room over the weekend to give myself a head start because I KNEW it was going to be a doozy! 😛

    1. My kid's room is a nightmare. I keep putting that one off :o) He really does a good job when we set a timer and work for 15 minutes fly-lady-style, but I haven't had the motivation lately to even know where to start!! I'll definitely be posting some interesting before/after pictures of the mess next weekend..

  2. This is so awesome, great job! Your dresser looks wonderful, as does the rest of your room. Decluttering can be so therapeutic. And as you seek the Lord, He will draw close to you- rest assured! (James 4:8a) Thank you for sharing at Workin' It Mondays!

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