We’re Back! Menu for July 16-22

Raegan is already a month old!  I found a box of newborn diapers under her crib yesterday and thought, We better use these up before she’s too big for them… Too late!  Looks like I have some more things to add to my “donate” box.

The house is starting to look less like a war zone and is starting to resemble a home again. It has been so hot here that some days we’re camped in front of the window air conditioner all day.  Some nights it’s so hot that we’d all prefer to eat cold cereal for dinner, so we do.

But last night I cooked some Carbonara.  So here we go again…

Monday:  (Grocery shopping day) Dinner at a restaurant
Tuesday:  (Happy Anniversary DH!!)  Carbonara

Wednesday:  Chicken Teriaki
Thursday:  Chicken Ranch Casserole
Friday:  (Church softball game)  Pizza
Saturday:  Picnic with family
Sunday:  Birthday & Graduation Parties

What do you make for your family’s dinner when it’s too hot to eat?

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment, make my day!!

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