Menu for July 23-29

We have such a busy week!!  This is the first week that DH is working all-day every-day since we brought the baby home from the hospital.  He also has grad school two nights this week.. we miss him already!!  But, it’s going to be a fun week for me and the kids.  Our son has scout camp this week.  So, the baby gets strapped in her carrier and we hike around with the cub scout pack learning all about climbing trees and fly fishing.  Today was the first day and Landon fell asleep in the car before we even pulled out of the parking lot!

This week I planned a lot of throw-together-if-anyone-is-hungry kind of meals.  DH will eat fast-food when he has grad class and Landon may sleep through dinner by the end of the week!

Monday:  Salsa Chicken (taco filling) served over nachos and cheese
Tuesday:  Tatertots and chicken nuggets
Wednesday:  Dinner with the in-laws?
Thursday: Salad (either taco or grilled chicken)
Friday:  Pizza
Saturday:  Snacking on fair-grounds food after the parade?
Sunday:  Shrimp Scampi

On a completely different not-dinner-table-appropriate topic.. we started using cloth diapers this week!!

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment, make my day!!

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