Husband Project: Week 2

It was the last week of our summer vacation!!  Which meant DH had a lot of his own plans that interfered with my project plans, but oh well!!  I had things planned all week but almost everything got pushed to Friday.  We had a lot of fun as a family this week, though!!

Project 8:  Location, Location, Location

I wanted to cook his favorite meal and eat it picnic style, outside.  DH wanted to go to Friendly’s and get a Buffalo Chicken Supermelt.  So that’s what we did!!

Project 9:  Hi-ho, Hi-ho

All week long, I tried to watch for ways to help him.  I came up with nothing.  He spent most of the week helping ME get the house back in order before everyone headed back to school.  I’m so blessed 🙂  His first day back was Friday, and he didn’t get a chance to take the garbage out before he rushed off to work.  Finally a chance to help him!!  I took the garbage out (which I do occasionally on busy Fridays), but this time, I didn’t text him to tell him that he forgot or that I took care of it.

Project 10:  Dress to Impress

I made sure that I actually got up and got dressed this week.  There were too many days this summer spent in PJs.  It’s nice once in awhile, especially on sleepless nights with a newborn, but I was feeling lazy, sloppy, and gross.  I was also pretty excited to go through my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, so I tried to wear something cute everyday.

Project 11:  Stress-Be-Gone

I tried, and tried, and tried to find something that causes him stress.  Everything I thought of was something that causes ME stress.  And, since he was on a cleaning spree this week, he took care of most of those himself.  Money is probably the biggest stressor I know of, so we talked about it, a lot.  We talked about how worry and faith don’t mix.  We talked about how God takes care of us.  I do the budgetting (hooray, math skills) I let him know where we stand (how much we saved on groceries since my post-partum freezer cooking session!!!), and he asked if we could go out for dinner together on Friday night.  That’s a big deal for him, because spending money in a restaurant is tough when he’s stressing about money.

Project 12:  Gotcha!

He had a hard time leaving us on Friday to go to work.  I think he came back in to say good-bye three or four times!!  I told him I think he’s a great daddy and that we are so proud of him.

Project 13:  On My Mind

Since Friday was his first day back, I took a few quiet moments at different times during the day to pray for him, his work, his students, our marriage, our children… but mostly just  saying a big THANK YOU for being blessed with such an amazing guy.

Project 14:  Move Over Rachel Ray

I made him some General Tso’s (finally!!).  It was yummy, and just as time consuming as I remembered, but still yummy nonetheless.  The prayer for today was, “Dear God, I pray that my husband knows my love for him by my efforts not just the results.”   AMEN!!  He asks for this dinner almost weekly, and I always find a way to push it to next week.  I’m glad I took the time to make it this time.

Bonus Project:  A Gift for Both of You

My nursing bras are already starting to fall apart.  Not that they were too sexy to begin with, but they were in pretty bad shape.  Before our dinner date, we went shopping, and I got some new ones, in fun colors (actually, his favorite colors).  He hates that I wear clothes until they fall apart, so it always makes him happy to see me buy new clothes.  I was super uncomfortable in the old ones, and the new ones are cute– added bonus!!


This post is part of the Husband Project Series.
Make sure you check out all three weeks!
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Menu August 26 – September 1

First week of school:  Even though I am grateful that DH and I both work in education and have flexible summer schedules… but, back-to-school season means major routine changes for our family!  This time of year makes me very, very thankful for my freezer!!  I’m using one of my “postpartum meals” as a side-dish at a potluck this weekend.  And, brown bag burritos are an easy go-to lunch to compliment hectic mornings.

Lunch Menu:
My second-grader packs apple slices and bread.
DH packs brown bag burritos, a ham & cheese sandwich, or leftovers.
I pack pasta or a salad.

Dinner Menu:
General Tso’s Chicken
Grilled Chicken Garden Salad
Lasagna Casserole 
Pizza Night


Husband Project: Week 1

I picked up the book,  The Husband Project: 21 Days of Loving Your Man–on Purpose and with a Plan, a few months ago– one for me and one for my best friend (she agreed to be my accountability partner for the project).  It didn’t take me long to read the book, or to think of ideas for each day.  But, I wanted to wait until we had settled into our new “family-of-four” routine before I started.  (And, I wanted to fit into my old jeans for one of the projects!!)  I wanted to do all 21 days at once, without missing a day or taking a break.

The baby is eight weeks old, so I think I’ve waited long enough!


Day 1:  30 Minutes Is All It Takes

I had a meeting after church, so he took the kiddos home.  This is how I found him when I got home two hours later…  I was starving, and normally I’d wake him and do the “What are you hungry for? I don’t know, what are you hungry for?” dance.  But, I let him rest for 30 minutes, instead.  I made his favorite sandwich, with some of his favorite snacks:  chopped ham, swiss cheese, mustard, baby carrots, and pretzels.


Day 2: Back in the Day

We used to fish together a lot.  When we were dating, I bought a pink fishing rod, got my fishing license for the first time, and learned that sun fish will stab you if you don’t hold them right.  Two years ago, my in-laws bought us fishing licenses as a Christmas gift.  We didn’t use them.  Not even once.  We planned to, but something would always come up.  So, when my uncle invited us to go fishing at his pond we happily accepted!!

I caught more fish than he did 🙂  I even caught a catfish so big that it snapped my line!  But, I don’t like to take the fish off the hook after I catch them, so I have to yell for help every time I catch a fish and DH has to gets to rescue me.  Most of the day, I sat with the baby, reading my book, and I let him relax and enjoy the quiet.

Day 3:  You da’ Man

Proverbs 31:11-12 says, “Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.  She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.”  This is something I struggle with, a lot.  It’s easy to not bring him harm, but am I always bringing him good?  All the day of his life?  I’ve been working on this:  complimenting him both in front of and behind his back.

Unfortunately, DH caught the stomach bug that I had over the weekend.  We got home from a long day of errand-running and grocery shopping, and he headed straight to bed.  I tidied-up the house, packed up the kids, and left him some peace-and-quiet.  We stopped at McDonald’s for some Family Night $2 Happy Meals, and then we headed to my parents’ house for the evening.  While I was talking to my parents, I noticed that I was doing it again– not building my husband up with my conversations.  I remembered the day’s project and made a conscious effort to change my attitude.

Day 4:  Heart vs. Stomach

A food project?  Did I mentioned my husband has the stomach flu?  Just the thought of candy would have made him sick.  In this case, the stomach won.  I picked him up some Chocolate Cow Tails later in the week.  He was watching the baby while I made a quick grocery trip.  He was so frazzled when I got home, so he really appreciated the treat!

Day 5:

This worked out perfectly.  DH had to go to work on Thursday for a training (our first day apart for awhile!).  I sent him a quick “miss you” text around lunch time.  I think it made a good pick-me-up during his boring seminar!!

Day 6:  A Little Hands-on Attention

Our son had a sleepover at my grandparents’ house, so we got to sleep in later than usual.  We spent the morning snuggled in bed while the rain poured outside.  It was nice to relax together!

Day 7:  Trophy Wife

I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans for the first time in 11 months.  Enough said.

Bonus Project:  Do Your Homework

I’m reading Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Leman.  We listened to a set of audio CDs from Dr. Leman during our premarital counseling — and we both loved them.  I’m not finished with the book, yet, but I really like it so far!!


This post is part of the Husband Project Series.
Make sure you check out all three weeks!
Week 1Week 2, and Week 3


Menu for August 19-25

Last week of summer for us!!  DH actually starts on Friday but school doesn’t officially start until next week for the kids.  This week’s dinners are mostly requests from DH that I haven’t made for awhile.  He hasn’t mastered eating-while-babysitting yet so when he’s alone with the baby there is no dinner planned.  Someday, I hope he’s able to heat up a casserole or something, but until then we’ll eat cereal when I get home at 10:00 at night.

Sunday:  Dinner with family

Monday:  Chicken Gyros

Tuesday:  Spaghetti and Meatballs

Wednesday:  Pizza

Thursday:  Baseball game food

Friday:  General Tso’s

Saturday:  DH is on his own, I’m working.



DIY Athlete’s Foot Treatment

My husband suffers from an extreme case of Athlete’s Foot. If you’re anything like my stubborn strong-willed husband, you use a new cream or spray for a few days (until someone stops reminding you) but not long enough to have any lasting effect. Then, you’re back to using the carpet on the stairs or in front of your favorite chair as your “scratching post”.  My latest discovery is that he stretches a sock, one end in each hand, to scratch between his toes, leaving the sock twice the length that it was to begin with.

A few weeks ago, my toes started to itch.  So, we’re trying something new and getting rid of this stuff!  No more expensive creams and sprays that sit, forgotten, in the medicine cabinet until they expire.  We’re trying a home-remedy.  Vinegar is my fallback for everything.  You can find websites that list hundreds of uses for vinegar.  I buy white vinegar at Walmart in the biggest jug they have for less than $3, and I use it for everything.

I remember my dad sometimes adding vinegar to a foot soak to soften dry skin.  So, I thought, why not?  If it softens skin, it has to help with the dry skin caused by Athlete’s Foot.

Foot Soak Recipe (credit owed to my dad):
Add enough vinegar to a dish tub or large rectangle container to fill it 1-inch.
Add hot water to cover your feet.
Soak for 15 minutes.
After soaking, scrub off any dead skin with a pumice stone or an old towel.
Rinse feet well.

Note:  I’ve used both apple cider vinegar and white vinegar to soak my feet.  For the Athlete’s Feet treatment we’re using white vinegar, because it seems to be more common in “cleaning/disinfecting” recipes.  

The best part:  After one soak, DH asked to have another!  Almost every night since the first he’s asked me to make him another soak.  Now, he’s reminding me!  He says his feet feel great after the soaks, and I haven’t found any stretched out socks laying around… 🙂



Menu August 12-18

We had so many leftovers in our fridge last week that we skipped Chicken Teriaki (much to DH’s disappointment).  So, that meal is on the list again for this week.  I can’t believe summer is coming to an end so quickly!!  I only have a few more weeks with DH and the kids all home all day!!  We have a few local field trips we’d like to do before schools starts, so hopefully we can squeeze them in soon!

Lunches:  ham & swiss sandwiches, burritos, eggs & homefries, fish sticks

Sunday:  Picnic with family

Monday:  Italian Marinated Chicken with fried potatoes

Tuesday:  Chicken Teriaki with fried rice

Wednesday:  Pizza before church

Thursday:  General Tso’s or Chicken Cordon Blue (depends on if I get a chance to go buy hoisin sauce)

Friday:  Salisbury Steak and twice baked potatoes

Saturday:  I’m working — DH can eat leftovers.


“Homemade” Honey

My uncle surprised us with some of his honey harvest:  a small ziploc container full of honeycomb!!  Yum.  Except, I had no idea how to get the honey out of the honeycomb.  I’ve heard of people just eating it whole and spitting out the wax… but I wanted to put it on my toast.  Squeezing worked… sort of.  I resorted to Google to find the answer.

Basically what I found was that I could squeeze the honey out and mush up the honeycomb, then put it all in a strainer (nylons were suggested) and let the honey drip out.  That sounded messy and time consuming.  The second option was to heat the honeycomb and melt the wax.  When everything cools, the wax will be on top, ready to be skimmed off,  and the honey will be on the bottom, ready to be eaten!

  • I melted the honeycomb down in a double boiler.  It only took about 15 minutes over medium heat for the wax to melt.
  • I could pull out the big chunks of wax with a disposable spoon.
  • Then I poured it back into the original container and let it cool completely.
  • When the wax hardened on top of the honey, I scraped the sides with a disposable knife and skimmed the wax off the top.

Ready for eating!!

Now my husband wants to know what fun plan I have for the leftover beeswax… Suggestions?



Trial and Error Cloth Diapers: Month 1

For the first month, the baby was in disposable diapers, because we had plenty of them.   We got some from family at baby showers.  We got some from the hospital.  We got some from a friend who had a baby that grew out of the newborn size a little too quickly.  We had plenty of disposable diapers to get us through the first month without making any purchases.  I actually had to give three bags of newborn-sized diapers away because the baby is in size-one now.

For cloth-diapering, I had a stash of prefolds, 3 newborn sized covers and 6 small sized covers from Dappi, and 2 Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners.  I read that these were best for newborns, who go through a ton of diapers and are often too skinny for the “fancier” cloth diapers.  I learned how to fold cloth prefolds (check out Youtube).  I learned how to wash them (1 cold rinse cycle, 1 hot/cold wash cycle with my homemade detergent, 1 extra rinse).  I was ready to do this the cheapest old-fashioned way.

Then, a wonderfully generous friend offered me some of her cloth diaper collection.  Thank you Barb!!  She gave us 10 Baby City pocket diaper and plenty of liners to double stuff the diapers and 1 GroVia shell with two snap-in liners.  We’re really happy with both styles.  The GroVia shell is the fanciest of the collection.  We looked into buying more, but even at the close-out prices, it’s just not in the budget.  And, the inserts don’t seem to hold EBF (exclusively breastfed) BMs very well.  The pocket diapers are from eBay (just search: cloth diapers) and run anywhere from $2-$5 for a diaper and a liner.

Right now, we have 12 diapers (if the GroVia shell stays clean we can use it twice, once with each liner).   It’s tight, but until I win some eBay auctions at rock-bottom prices, we’re going to make it work.  I do the laundry first thing in the morning – or if we’re going to be busy, I start at night – and hang the diapers from yesterday on the line to dry.  Sometimes if I’m behind on laundry we do use the prefolds and covers.  DH won’t use them though – I showed him how to fold them and he was completely intimidated.

One thing I didn’t read about before trying any diapers is overlapping tabs.  I read about adjustable rise on one-size diapers and I knew I wanted to use one-size diapers.  I didn’t know how important overlapping tabs would be!  We overlap the baby’s diapers as much as possible on both the Baby City diapers and the GroVia diapers.  I doubt they would fit her at all if we couldn’t overlap the tabs!  Now, I’m looking for diapers with as many different snaps as possible for the best sizing options.

Next month, I’ll be able to tell you how cloth diapering has affected our water bill.  Hopefully, I’ll also be able to tell you what diapers we used to complete our stash.  Any recommendations?  Leave a comment and let me know!

time management

Mission of the Month: August

I did pretty well on my June goals considering all that happened that month.  I took the month of July off to readjust and learn my baby’s schedule.  This month. again, I’m joining Mama Jenn with her Mission of the Month post.

Mission of the Month


1.  Continue the Proverbs 31 devotion series from where I left off.

2.  Begin the Couch-to-5k program


1.  Begin The Husband Project: 21 Days of Loving Your Man–on Purpose and with a Plan.  I’ve read it, but now I need to finish planning my 21 days and start doing them.

2.  Plan a stay-at-home date.


1.  Get back on track with chore charts.

2.  Follow the summer schedule more closely.  More specifically, go outside more!


1.  Save the dining room from the clutter that has taken over.

2.  Neatly pack away yardsale boxes for easier set-up next year.


1.  Write a guest post.

2.  Post at least three times each week.  My plan is one menu, one recipe, and one other post.