Menu August 12-18

We had so many leftovers in our fridge last week that we skipped Chicken Teriaki (much to DH’s disappointment).  So, that meal is on the list again for this week.  I can’t believe summer is coming to an end so quickly!!  I only have a few more weeks with DH and the kids all home all day!!  We have a few local field trips we’d like to do before schools starts, so hopefully we can squeeze them in soon!

Lunches:  ham & swiss sandwiches, burritos, eggs & homefries, fish sticks

Sunday:  Picnic with family

Monday:  Italian Marinated Chicken with fried potatoes

Tuesday:  Chicken Teriaki with fried rice

Wednesday:  Pizza before church

Thursday:  General Tso’s or Chicken Cordon Blue (depends on if I get a chance to go buy hoisin sauce)

Friday:  Salisbury Steak and twice baked potatoes

Saturday:  I’m working — DH can eat leftovers.


4 thoughts on “Menu August 12-18”

  1. What a novel idea to do a weekly meal plan! Hmm…that might help me be a bit more organized! lol

    I’m visiting from Mother Daughter Book Reviews and coming by to say hello. I’m now following you via Twitter and FB. Your RSS feed button does not seem to be working – just wanted to let you know. Have a wonderful week! Cheers!

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