Husband Project: Week 2

It was the last week of our summer vacation!!  Which meant DH had a lot of his own plans that interfered with my project plans, but oh well!!  I had things planned all week but almost everything got pushed to Friday.  We had a lot of fun as a family this week, though!!

Project 8:  Location, Location, Location

I wanted to cook his favorite meal and eat it picnic style, outside.  DH wanted to go to Friendly’s and get a Buffalo Chicken Supermelt.  So that’s what we did!!

Project 9:  Hi-ho, Hi-ho

All week long, I tried to watch for ways to help him.  I came up with nothing.  He spent most of the week helping ME get the house back in order before everyone headed back to school.  I’m so blessed 🙂  His first day back was Friday, and he didn’t get a chance to take the garbage out before he rushed off to work.  Finally a chance to help him!!  I took the garbage out (which I do occasionally on busy Fridays), but this time, I didn’t text him to tell him that he forgot or that I took care of it.

Project 10:  Dress to Impress

I made sure that I actually got up and got dressed this week.  There were too many days this summer spent in PJs.  It’s nice once in awhile, especially on sleepless nights with a newborn, but I was feeling lazy, sloppy, and gross.  I was also pretty excited to go through my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, so I tried to wear something cute everyday.

Project 11:  Stress-Be-Gone

I tried, and tried, and tried to find something that causes him stress.  Everything I thought of was something that causes ME stress.  And, since he was on a cleaning spree this week, he took care of most of those himself.  Money is probably the biggest stressor I know of, so we talked about it, a lot.  We talked about how worry and faith don’t mix.  We talked about how God takes care of us.  I do the budgetting (hooray, math skills) I let him know where we stand (how much we saved on groceries since my post-partum freezer cooking session!!!), and he asked if we could go out for dinner together on Friday night.  That’s a big deal for him, because spending money in a restaurant is tough when he’s stressing about money.

Project 12:  Gotcha!

He had a hard time leaving us on Friday to go to work.  I think he came back in to say good-bye three or four times!!  I told him I think he’s a great daddy and that we are so proud of him.

Project 13:  On My Mind

Since Friday was his first day back, I took a few quiet moments at different times during the day to pray for him, his work, his students, our marriage, our children… but mostly just  saying a big THANK YOU for being blessed with such an amazing guy.

Project 14:  Move Over Rachel Ray

I made him some General Tso’s (finally!!).  It was yummy, and just as time consuming as I remembered, but still yummy nonetheless.  The prayer for today was, “Dear God, I pray that my husband knows my love for him by my efforts not just the results.”   AMEN!!  He asks for this dinner almost weekly, and I always find a way to push it to next week.  I’m glad I took the time to make it this time.

Bonus Project:  A Gift for Both of You

My nursing bras are already starting to fall apart.  Not that they were too sexy to begin with, but they were in pretty bad shape.  Before our dinner date, we went shopping, and I got some new ones, in fun colors (actually, his favorite colors).  He hates that I wear clothes until they fall apart, so it always makes him happy to see me buy new clothes.  I was super uncomfortable in the old ones, and the new ones are cute– added bonus!!


This post is part of the Husband Project Series.
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6 thoughts on “Husband Project: Week 2”

  1. Why do you need to make extra effort to be nice to your husband? Making him happy has nothing to do with caving in and doing whatever he wants. What you are doing is turning yourself into a robot – and what happens with a toy you have had too long? You get bored with it and look for something new. You are setting yourself up to be discarded for something better. That is, your husband is going to want to find someone fun and challanging and spontaneous and EXCITING – not some mindless zombie that does whatever he wants. This blog really makes you sound pathetic and supressed.

    1. I respect your opinion. I agree that we should not become robotic and routine. It’s so easy to lose sight of our relationship, when there are dishes to wash, floors to clean, bills to pay, grass to mow, diapers to change, homework to check… Who doesn’t want a relationship to be fun, challenging, spontaneous, and exciting? That’s why I did “the husband project”!! The project ideas took me out of my monotonous routine and served as a reminder to do those sweet, flirty, spontaneous things. I had so much fun doing the projects! And, we’ve grown closer as a family!

  2. Krissy, I think it’s excellent that you have a desire to be a blessing to your husband. If wives don’t have that desire then I often wonder why we married our men in the first place. Great post and thanks for linking it up with The Alabaster Jar.

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