Egg Surprise

I love the Sorted videos on YouTube.  This one makes my mouth water every time…!/recipes/eggsurprise/  DH isn’t a big fan of cooked veggies, so I make my own version.

Egg Surprise:

4 potatoes
2-4 tbsp oil
4 eggs

Dice potatoes.  Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat.
Add potatoes to skillet and cook until soft.
Crack eggs on top of potatoes.  Cover with lid.
Cook until eggs are white and are no longer runny.
Serve with bacon!!  Because bacon makes any dish better!!

{As you can see, I ate most of the bacon while I was cooking…}

I love making this for brunch.  If DH isn’t around, I add green peppers, onions, and sometimes squash.  This recipe is quick! and cheap!


13 thoughts on “Egg Surprise”

  1. I can’t believe he does not like peppers and onions in it! What is he thinking, that is the best part. Great recipe. 🙂

      1. oh, trick I use when I am in a hurry, I cut the peppers up in bite size pieces, brown meat, add onions, can of rotel, and rice cook it in a skillet till rice is done, and serve. I get impatient waiting for it to cook in the oven and started making it like this when Owen was a newborn and I had to cook at any chance i had whether I was hungry or not. Easy to re-heat too. Guess it would make a good freezer meal.

  2. This is actually something I’ve fixed for years for a fast supper…and everyone likes it as well as the all day prep ones. I think I need to fix it soon. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings, Gail (Bible Love Notes)

  3. I just saw your link on Miz Helen’s Full Plate Thursday and I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and this looks SO GOOOOOOOD!!!! I had to click! Thank you for making me drool on my computer keyboard, lol!! :)I’ve never actually made eggs that way so I’m going to have to try it! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Jen @ Yummy-Healthy-Easy

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