Trial and Error Cloth Diapers: Month 2

We have a “full set” of diapers now!  We have a total of 24 pocket diapers, in addition to the prefolds, snappis, and waterproof covers.  It is such a relief to only wash diapers every two or three days.

I actually had to find a way to store the dirty diapers.  I was putting them on top of the washer because every other load was diapers.  Now I keep them in an old pillow case in a small laundry basket.

We started to have trouble with overnight leaks in the eBay diapers that I mentioned in my last post.  I had been double-stuffing the pocket with two inserts.  I started using one insert paired with one prefold, both stuffed inside the pocket.  We only had leaks every once in awhile with that set up.  But again, I was doing diaper laundry everysingleday.

We bought a set of Kawaii diapers (back-to-school sale, oh yea!) to complete our “stash”.  Two diapers were missing from the first shipment, but the customer service at  was great and they fixed the order right away!

We got 11 “original” and 1 “ultra soft”.  You can almost see a difference in the picture.. the “ultra soft” is the shiny cobalt blue diaper.  It fits a little snugger than the other diapers — I read some reviews that the elastic was actually too tight for some babies.

I really, really, really like the square tabs on the Kawaii diapers.  With the eBay diapers, we have a lot of trouble with “wing droop”, where the part of the tab that she’s too skinny to use actually falls down.  The square tabs have an extra snap, on a second row, that stops this from happening.  A-mazing.

The Kawaii diapers came with two inserts each, for a total of 24.  The new inserts are much more absorbent than the eBay inserts.  So much so, that I only need to use one insert (even overnight!!) in each diaper.  So, I use the new inserts in both the new diapers and the old diapers.

I still get leaks sometimes in the old diapers, and I’m not sure why.  Maybe the elastic is wearing out?  Maybe they don’t fit well?  Maybe something is wrong with the waterproof shell?

Either way, we’re still going strong in the cloth diapers.  The only disposables we’ve used were the leftover size-one diapers she was going to outgrow.  We have a box of size-two disposables that we were given as a gift — she’ll be taking those to day care with her next month.

Can I just say how disappointed I am that the day care will not accept cloth diapers?!  I’ve ask several times and I never really get a good explanation… maybe I can win them over 🙂


9 thoughts on “Trial and Error Cloth Diapers: Month 2”

  1. My son’s childcare center agreed to use cloth diapers if I took the dirty ones home every day. More details under “What about childcare?” in this article. Have you shown the staff the exact type of cloth diaper you use? They may be picturing something with pins or much harder to use than disposables, whereas those diapers you have look easy!

    1. I tried to show them one I had in the diaper bag, but we were filling out paperwork and the women just shrugged it off. I will keep working at them 🙂 Of course I would take the dirty ones home every day!! I’m going in there this week and I’m going to ask again WHY they don’t accept them. If I knew their reason, I would be more accepting.

  2. When I asked our daycare about it they stated it is for ‘hygienic’ reasons that they are not allowed. Something about having a dirty diaper sitting in a wet bag in a box or something, IDK.

  3. Sorry you did not like those diapers, We never had any issues with them, and still use them. I would have never given you something that you couldn’t use. I feel really bad now. 😦

    1. I use them!! She is just a little too skinny for them now so we have to overlap the tabs and the sides fall down sometimes. And she pees too much for just one insert 🙂 But I never said I don’t use them!! They work really well with one Kawaii insert in them. She slept in an orange one last night with no leaks!! I don’t use the GroVia insert anymore because it doesn’t absorb her EBF poop… but I use the GroVia cover as a waterproof cover over prefolds. That’s the only one I don’t really use anymore. We are immensely thankful for the diapers you gave us!!!

  4. If you are having problems with leaking at night, try using a wool cover. I used Aristocrats with our son at night and he was always dry the next morning, even after 10 hours!

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