Menu September 9 – 15


Lunches:  Egg Surprise, Stuffed Peppers, Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

Sunday:  BBQ Chicken and Twice Baked Potatoes with family

Monday:  Salisbury Steaks

Tuesday:  Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti

Wednesday:  Pizza

Thursday:  Chicken Cordon Blue

Friday:  Chicken Teriaki & Rice

Saturday:  Family Reunion Picnic



Egg Surprise

I love the Sorted videos on YouTube.  This one makes my mouth water every time…!/recipes/eggsurprise/  DH isn’t a big fan of cooked veggies, so I make my own version.

Egg Surprise:

4 potatoes
2-4 tbsp oil
4 eggs

Dice potatoes.  Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat.
Add potatoes to skillet and cook until soft.
Crack eggs on top of potatoes.  Cover with lid.
Cook until eggs are white and are no longer runny.
Serve with bacon!!  Because bacon makes any dish better!!

{As you can see, I ate most of the bacon while I was cooking…}

I love making this for brunch.  If DH isn’t around, I add green peppers, onions, and sometimes squash.  This recipe is quick! and cheap!


Husband Project: Week 3

This week was a lot tougher – I didn’t even get to do all of the projects.  I have noticed, though, that I’m redoing some of the projects from the first week, subconsciously.  I’m making a more conscious effort to “gossip” about him, wear something to impress him, and to pray for him more often (check out the new blog series, Revive Your Marriage, written by some of my favorite bloggers!).

Project 15:  What Not to Wear

Since the demise of my nursing bras, I’ve been trying to part with some worn-out favorites.  If I find something with a hole in it (not a mendable-ripped-seam kind of hole, but a worn -through-the-fabric kind of hole), I throw it away.  It’s tough to say goodbye to some oldies-but-goodies that have been in my closet for years.  I’ve been wearing my black cardigan, hole worn in the elbow, with the sleeves pushed up to hide the hole.  No black cardigan I find seems as comfortable or as well-fitting, but enough is enough.

Project 16:  Is It Getting Hot in Here–Or Is It You?

I remember my parents kissing goodbye everysingletime one of them left the house.  For some unknown reason, kissing isn’t part of our routine.  I’m just not touchy-feely.  I’ve been trying to be more affectionate.  I try to kiss him goodbye and kiss him goodnight (when I remember).  And, honestly, I feel so much closer to him and so much more in love.

Project 17:  Playing Hooky

I’ve been working in the evenings.  DH works during the day.  It’s great because we save on daycare costs, but it’s tough to give him some “time to himself”.  The first couple of days we were both back to work, DH stayed up late playing video games.  Usually, I would try to get him to come to bed, but instead, I gave him this chance to de-stress.  I’m still trying to arrange a night where he can come home and relax while I take care of everything else.

Project 18:  Dinner’s on Me

Like I said, I work at night and DH works during the day.  My best friend and her husband have done this since they were married — and I honestly don’t know how they do it!  We both want, so badly, to go out for the evening, eat at a restaurant, and just talk.  It’s only been two or three weeks since we’ve gone out, but it feels like an eternity.  I’m hoping we get a chance to go out this weekend.

Project 19:  The Service Here is Excellent

Today, I’m going to tidy up our room.  Rooming with a newborn means we have three-times the clothes, the blankets, and the socks that seem to hide in every corner.

Project 20:  Post-it Notes, Man’s Greatest Invention

We’re both exhausted.  We’re up late with the baby.  DH gets up early to get ready for work, while I feed the baby and desperately try to sneak a few extra Zzz’s.  I had every intention of leaving him notes in his car this week, but no motivation to get out of bed in the morning.  This one is still on my to-do list.

Project 21:  Car Chases and Karate Chops

DH has wanted The Jerusalem Countdown for the longest time.  We bought the movie last week, but DH says he hasn’t been in the mood to watch it yet (back to school is so stressful for us).  Last night, when I usually complain, whine, turn over, and go to sleep, I actually stayed up and watched King of the Hill with him.  Honestly, the show isn’t nearly as awful as I made it out to be.  DH fell asleep, so we only watched one episode, but I’m going to yield remote control more often.


So, the project is over.  But not for me.  I still have unfinished plans and bigger-and-better plans for some of the projects.  I really enjoyed the book and the challenges.  In this new season of our lives, when everything seems hectic, crazy, and unorganized, this project was a much-needed chance to reconnect and grow together.  I would recommend it to all of my married friends 🙂 and I can definitely see myself doing the project again in the future.


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Menu September 2 – 8

Isn’t back to school season crazy?!  My seven-year-old has homework every night this year instead of once a week – and I’m not complaining, because that’s a great habit to have – but it’s been a tough schedule.  By the time homework is done, it’s time for dinner, then all-of-a-sudden it’s bedtime!!

Lunches:  Grilled Chicken Salad, Ham & Swiss Sandwiches, Brown Bag Burritos, Pasta with Pan Sauce.

Sunday:  Dinner with family

Monday:  Picnic with family

Tuesday:  Pasta Carbonara

Wednesday:  Pizza

Thursday:  Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf

Friday:  Leftovers

Saturday:  Eat out