Pre-Holiday Updates

I have so many posts planned but none of them are ready yet!!

The transition back to work has been a mess.  Tomorrow, I plan to clean up a little of the aftermath… but I think I should take pictures first and show you all what has happened to my house.  Coaching season is just beginning for DH, hand-in-hand with the holiday season, so it will only get more busy in the coming weeks.  On the up-side, Raegan loves daycare.

We are still going strong with the cloth diapers.  We took a break after Hurricane Sandy, to use up the disposables I bought, before Raegan-the-Tank outgrows them!  I swear she grows an inch every day.

We also tried making our own baby food – and so far so good!  I have a post in the works about making pureed sweet potatoes and how we store them.

I’m doing my best to stock up on some produce before winter hits.  I’ve frozen onions (post coming soon.. I even tried a video!!).  I plan to make some applesauce when local apples go on sale.  And, we’ve finally depleted my stash of potatoes.

I’ll be leading a Sunday School elective on marriage next year.  I’m excited to get started and see who is interested and see how God will be working and using me and teaching me.  Thanks to all the marriage bloggers who have taught me so much and inspired me to be a better wife (though, as my messy house and my husband can confirm, I still lose sight of the goal…).

I’m also thinking about a time-management or goal-setting series based on the curriculum I use in the study skills class I teach.  One of my goals in this next year is to get down to a healthy BMI so I can avoid gestational diabetes with my next pregnancy (hopefully, not for a few years!!!).  Setting the goal and planning is one thing, but if I don’t manage my time well, I won’t be able to exercise or plan healthy meals.  So, this is something I’m working on and will probably be writing about!

If I ever find the time to write.. :o) Hope all is well with you!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!