Two out of Four Ain’t Bad

The dining room is the biggest project that I need to tackle before Christmas.  Mail gets piled up.  School papers go there to die.  We have piles of things for Scouts, magazines, boxes that need to go to the attic…

I worked in the dining room on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Looking at it now, I barely made a dent.  Slow and steady wins the race, I guess.

Today, however, Hubby was home.  We got up early, brewed some coffee, ate breakfast together, and started cleaning.  Chris worked on the living room and office.  I worked on the kitchen.  We took turns entertaining the baby.  I’m pretty impressed with what we did!!  I even hung my new pot rack!



I love that the dog stood in the same shot both times.  Chris is going to keep working on the office tonight.  And, I’m leaving the dining room for another day.  Now… a little family snuggle time before I head off to work for the night…


4 thoughts on “Two out of Four Ain’t Bad”

    1. Thanks 🙂 And she hasn’t actually GROWN for a few weeks… she was going through clothes like crazy for awhile. She’s settled in the 6-9 months size.. but she learns a new trick almost daily. She’s sticking her tongue out, running her walker across the kitchen, rolling, scooting, sitting, and I swear she’s saying “Maaaaaam!”

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