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Busy Mama {Why I Work Two Jobs}

I have two part-time jobs (not counting being a mom, a wife, or a homemaker).  A few days each week, I work during the day, tutoring.  And a few nights each week, I work night-shift waitressing.



Tutoring is my passion and my expertise.  My day-job is the one that will supposedly “take me somewhere”, even though I’m not looking to go anywhere!

  • The hours are flexible.
  • I love the content.
  • I love my students.
  • I love my coworkers.

It’s the career I never knew I always wanted.

My night job is waitressing.  I took the job because I don’t tutor during the summer and I wanted to keep working.  I kept the job because it is something I thoroughly enjoy doing.

  • I meet new people every day.
  • I get a new opportunity to cheer someone up and make their day special, every time I get a new table.
  • I run around and burn extra calories.  It’s honestly the only “real” exercise I get.
  • I get to try new (delicious) food, which is another reason it’s good that I burn extra calories!!
  • I get spiritually refreshed. I work with some amazing Christians who inspire me daily to walk closer to Christ.

Waitressing is something I do for me.  Trust me, my husband would love for me to be home every night.  It might be selfish, but I can see a distinct change in my attitudes about everything and it started the summer I took the job waitressing.

The restaurant where I waitress is very Christ-centered. I work with a great group of supportive and inspirational people.  When I’m there, I know without-a-doubt that I’m in line with God’s will.  He’s doing great things there and I’m glad to be apart of it.

We could “make it” if I didn’t waitress.  But we don’t want to “make it”.  We want to be debt free.  I want to call Dave Ramsey on a Friday and scream it at the top of my lungs.  And I want it to happen soon.

We may be working at it with less-than-gazelle intensity.  But, we’re making some changes for 2013 that will hopefully make a bigger dent in those student loans.  Maybe I’ll share our debt-free progress every month… Anyone interested?

I am beyond blessed to have both opportunities, as crazy and my schedules may seem.


3 thoughts on “Busy Mama {Why I Work Two Jobs}”

  1. I wish that I had a reliable sitter or a husband that is home during the week that would allow me to get a part time job. Some days I get stir crazy just being around Owen all the time. I think working is what helps keep us healthy and sane.

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