Holiday Home Tour

2012-12-21 112



Merry Christmas!  We actually aren’t completely done decorating, yet.  Our stockings aren’t “hung by the chimney with cheer” just quite yet.  I was hoping to get Raegan’s stocking embroidered to match the stockings everyone else has.  Maybe we’ll get it done, maybe we won’t.  If not, I’ll have it done before next Christmas.

We use an artificial tree.  This year we had to get a smaller tree because the large one we used to use won’t fit with our current furniture arrangement– and I wanted the tree to be up on a table this year since we have an almost-crawler scooting around on our floor.

We got a pre-lit 6.5-foot tree at Walmart for $40!  We just decorated it with our Hallmark ornament collection.  We didn’t use our red and gold ornaments this year.

2012-12-21 113 2012-12-21 114

Under the tree we have this primitive tree skirt.  My grandmother gave it to me because she wasn’t using it anymore.  The teddy bear under the tree reads The Night Before Christmas.  Under the table we have some presents that I’ve already wrapped.  The rest are still hidden — shh!!

2012-12-21 119

We hang Christmas cards on the door frames.  We have a large entryway between the dining room and living room that we have blocked with the couch and stereo right now.  That’s where I’m hanging most of the cards.  It’s getting pretty full!

2012-12-21 121



This little guy is really the only decoration in the kitchen.  He was a gift from my husband’s grandmother.

2012-12-21 122

This is the top of the stereo in the dining room.  I put up my silver and black tree in the dining room because it’s fancier (and pretty!!).  We also have our Advent wreath on the stereo.  We haven’t used it yet, but I hope we get to light it on Christmas Eve.  The family Bible sits beside the Advent wreath and we read our Advent devotions at breakfast.

2012-12-21 123 2012-12-21 124

2012-12-21 125

I have a wall display of all of Landon’s pictures with Santa.  If you look closely, you can see which year he finally decided he could sit on Santa’s lap, instead of hiding behind him or just standing nearby.  This year’s pictures turned out pretty cute, too!


2012-12-21 126

2012-12-21 127

The banister is where the stockings are typically hung.  You can use your imagination!





2012-12-21 128

I got this window frame at a florist shop and I don’t know where to put it.  I love it, and I planned to put a garland in the window box.  But, again, I don’t know where to put it.  I’m afraid to hang it on the wall because I don’t want it to fall down.

2012-12-21 129

This is our Christmas table.  I got the table cloth at Boscov’s for $10.  The penguins in the center were all gifts.  I love penguins.  I love penguins as much as my mom loves snowmen.  But, my collection is no where near as big as hers!

2012-12-21 130


My penguin family 🙂  I got this when it was just Chris, Landon, and I.  Aren’t they cute?





2012-12-21 131 2012-12-21 132

My penguin music box!  When you open it, the penguins inside skate around and it plays Christmas songs.



What is your favorite Christmas decoration?  Next week I’ll document and share our Christmas traditions!!  Don’t miss a post!!  Subscribe to Trial and Error Homemaking.



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