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Freezer Cooking Chicken – Cook now, Use later

Cans of chicken are a great convenience food.  You can make chicken salad sandwiches, casseroles, soup, or even use it as a salad topping.  But it’s so expensive when you look at the price per ounce.  It’s no where near the price per ounce of a whole chicken or even the price per ounce of boneless skinless chicken breasts!!

Tuna is cheaper.  I can find tuna on sale for dirt cheap prices.  I tried substituting it where I could (on salads and in sandwiches)… but some things just aren’t the same without chicken.

So, I tried making my own, by freezer cooking chicken.  The first time, I used a whole chicken.  But I’m all about convenience… and getting all those tiny bones out is such a pain.  Now I use bags of frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts.  I usually get them for less than $1.99 per pound.

Freezer Cooking Chicken

frozen chicken in the crockpot

Toss a bag of chicken in the crockpot, and cook all day.

When it’s done, it will fall apart.  You’ll even end up with a good amount of chicken broth as a bonus that I usually freeze in an icecube tray.

Take the chicken, one piece at a time, and shred between two forks.

shredding chicken

Store chicken in a freezer-safe container.

I bag the shredded chicken in 1-cup portions and freeze.  Sometimes, I chop the chicken or slice it, depending on what is on the menu for the near future.  Shredded is the most popular in our favorite recipes, so that’s what I do most often.

Save some money and freeze some chicken!



2 thoughts on “Freezer Cooking Chicken – Cook now, Use later”

  1. I noticed you are using forks to shred chicken… if you have a kitchen aid mixer or a hand held mixer of any kind you can just turn it on with the chicken and it will shred almost instantly, saving TONS of time!

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