Weekend Review: Favorite Posts from This Week.

I use Google Reader to subscribe to my favorite blogs.  I can use my phone to read posts as they are published on the reader.  When I find a post that I like, for some reason, I always mark it “unread” so I can “go back to it” later.  But, then I never do!

So, I’m going to start to share my favorites with you!  Stop by these blogs and leave the writers a little love 🙂


Date Your Wife Review – from A Biblical Marriage

I did The Husband Project and had a lot of fun with it. My husband complained to me recently, that there are millions of books for wives and mothers about how to become more Godly in their role– but all the books he finds for men seem to be a “quick fix for your failing marriage”.  This book seems to be what he was looking for!!


The Woman God Made You To Be – from Renewing Housewives

The quote that really hit home for me was this one:

“You’re smarter than that,” they say. You’ve struggled to juggle and balance it all, though the pins never seem to stay in the air long enough for you to even catch your breath.

Going back to work was and has been a huge struggle for me.  It is so hard to juggle work, kids, and the house.. my poor husband is married to a zombie.  Some women do it and do it well.  I admire them.  But, I’m not one of them.


Be More Productive – from Life as Mom

Speaking of juggling all of those pins… here is a great video, shared by Life as Mom, about productivity.  We’ve heard it before.  Don’t multi-task.  Break a goal into small chunks.  What I found most interesting was the suggestion to just “get started”.  You brain won’t let you leave something unfinished.  How true!!  I think my students will really like this video!!





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