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Time Savers: Matching Socks

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Tuesday Time Savers

One of the most genius laundry tips I’ve ever tried was matching socks before you wash them.

Before I tried this, I would just wash all the socks in the laundry room.  Then, when they were dry, I would pair up what pairs I had, and toss the rest back in the hamper.  So, I washed a lot of socks multiple times before the mate made his way to the laundry room (because the “late” mate was obviously the husband, right?).  And, sometimes, the mate never appeared.

I have a separate basket in the laundry room, just for socks.  All of the socks that come into the laundry room go into this basket.  I like to wash socks in hot water, or at least warm, so I usually sort them when I’m doing a load that is going to be washed on a warmer temperature (sheets, whites, lights, etc.).

I match the socks and put them in a mesh bag (so there are no escapees!!).  If there are lonely socks, they go back in the basket for next time.

You can also buy special clips to hold pairs of socks together in the wash.  Then, when they are dry, they are already matched!!




1 thought on “Time Savers: Matching Socks”

  1. My husband doesn’t care if his socks match, which saves me a lot of time. I just pile them all in the drawer and he grabs a couple.

    For myself, I try to buy the same brand/type of socks every time so that when I match socks I just grab any two and they match. I do have a few pairs of cute colored/patterned socks that take more time, though.

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