One Word Update for January


This year, my “one word” is HOME.  I want to take care of my home, but I also want to be home when I am here.  Too often, I’m distracted when I’m home.

I spent a lot of time at home this month.  But, it doesn’t feel like it.

Taking Care of Myself and Family

January has been quite a month.  Landon came down with the flu — the Sunday before the semester started.  I taught on Monday and took him to the doctor on Tuesday, where we were told he had to stay home the rest of the week, because they won’t give flu medicine after the first 48 hours. Chris came home sick on Thursday with a stomach virus and stayed home on Friday.  Raegan had a fever by Friday, so I took her back to the doctor where they told me she also had the flu, but could not have medicine because she is too young.  So, my wonderful friend Paula substituted for me on Friday.

By Monday, Raegan was worse and Landon was better.  Landon went back for his check-up and was cleared to go back to school.  Raegan was given a nebulizer for her wheezing.  The doctor said it’s normal for the fever to last a few days.  My students loved Paula, so she took care of my class again on Monday.

Raegan’s fever lingered all week, which meant no day care.  So, I missed more work and she continued to wheeze and cough and sneeze.  Thursday I took her back to the doctor (trip #4 for us), because her fever started to go back up.  Guess what.  She didn’t have the flu.  She had an infection.  We finally got a bottle of antibiotics and within days she was feeling better.

Now, I have a terrible sinus headache.  The medicine I have has been taking care of it — but it’s non-drowsy and I’m afraid that Raegan is getting it through breastfeeding because she hasn’t been sleeping well at night.  But, while I’m sick, I’m going to bed early and asking for help with the housework (instead of just going to bed early and letting the housework go).

Making the House a Home

I did finally find a housework routine that is keeping the mess at a manageable level.  I’ve relying on the Confident Mom Planner to tell me what to clean each night.  I’ve also been recruiting help from Landon and Chris.  Every night (when I have the energy and no headache), I do the chores in the planner.  Then, Saturday we play catch up and work on all of the chores we missed through the week.  It’s working.  I actually vacuumed every room in the house last week.

I talked to my students about autonomy last week.  We talked about how having a choice can motivate someone to do the task, and being told what to do can be discouraging.  The idea that autonomy can actually motivate someone blew my mind.  It makes sense, but it’s just not for me.  Tell me exactly what to do and I will do it.  I’ll take small choices– they help me organize– but someone else needs to handle the “big picture”.

The Confident Mom is handling the “big picture” for me right now.  She tells me what needs done every week, and I try to stay on her schedule.

Paying Down the Mortgage

I haven’t made the extra payment yet — mostly because I’ve been too busy to remember it.  But, I missed a lot of work this month and I want to balance everything to make sure we’re still where we should be.  It should be fine, but I like to double check.

We’re looking at the new federal student loan program to see if we can save some money there, too.

Next Month

  • I’m turning twenty-five!!!  I’m having a party with the ladies in my family.
  • I’m sharing some of my favorite recipes on the blog.
  • Chris is taking me out for Valentine’s Day.
  • Hopefully, we’ll all be healthy and I won’t miss any more work.
  • I’m participating in the Hello Mornings Challenge.
  • And, saving the best for last, wrestling season will be over soon and I will have my hubby back!!



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