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Time Savers: Get the Dishes Done

When you call to your family that dinner is almost ready, do they immediately appear?  Mine don’t.  I call a few times, then I hunt them down and make sure they really are hungry.  Sometimes I even get their plates ready for them while they mosey into the room.

While I’m waiting for the family to trickle in, I get the prep dishes cleaned so there is less clean-up after dinner.  I can clean anything that doesn’t make it to the dining room table.  A mixing bowl, measuring cups, pans for breading, a spatula, any knives, or pan lids can all go straight into the dishwasher before we sit down to eat.

If we are eating something that made a cooked-on-mess, I transfer it to a serving dish and soak the cookware while we’re eating dinner.  This is especially true for crockpot meals when the sauce has been baked onto the pan for 6 or more hours.

Then, after dinner, all we need to do is rinse our plates and start the dishwasher load.

time management

Time Savers: Soak Your Dishes

time savers
Tuesday Time Savers

We go through dishes faster than our dishwasher can wash them.  If I start the dishwasher after dinner, the sink fills up with snack plates and milk glasses before the other dishes are clean, let alone dry or put away.

Those sink-dishes get crusty while they wait their turn.  Then, they need scrubbed rinsed before they go in the dishwasher.  Did you ever find a sippy cup with leftover milk in it at the bottom of your sink?  Yea.

If the dishwasher is full, and the dirty dishes are filling up the sink, do a prewash.  Fill a dishpan with hot soapy water and soak the dirty dishes while they wait for a turn in the dishwasher.  It also helps keep the sink sparkling clean!

My husband doesn’t always remember to rinse his dishes, but he will put them in a bucket of water if it’s readily available.

Try a dish soap with bleach in it.  The dishes come out of the dishpan sparkling, before you even touch them with a scrub brush!



Menu for February 18 – 24

I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Running in circles and going no where… panicked and crazy.  I can’t keep up with chores.  I keep missing deadlines.  I haven’t planned a menu for weeks.  The last month has been a blur and I’m not sure why.

I’ve been getting up earlier.  Not that I’m getting much more accomplished, but it’s nice to not be rushed in the mornings.

I’m giving *menu planning* another chance this week… hopefully I’ll regain some sanity.



Monday:  Landon is cooking Chicken and Waffles for his Wolf Cub Scout Requirements

Tuesday:  {Scout Stuff} Hamburger Helper

Wednesday:  Pizza before Church

Thursday:  {Fundraiser Event} Out to Eat

Friday:  Carbonara

Saturday: Chicken Cordon Blue OR Chicken and Dumplings (I haven’t decided and I don’t have a good recipe for either one, yet!)

Sunday:  Dinner with Family




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For the Love of Food: Making Cooking Easier

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  My husband, Chris, loves when I cook.  I mean, when I “really” cook.  As in, from scratch.

Sure, he’ll eat country-fried steaks out of a box from Sam’s Club.  He’ll eat them and he’ll like them.  But, if I breaded some cube steak and made white pepper gravy from scratch, he would love it.

He would eat them.  Then he would ask, “Do you care if I eat the rest of these?” and he would tell me how delicious are.  Then, he would take the leftovers to work to show off.  Then, he would tell everyone he met that week about his wife’s “amazing” homemade country-fried steaks.   He would tell you that the recipe is easy and he would name the a few ingredients, just to prove it.  ”Try her buffalo chicken meatloaf.  It’s easy.  It’s just chicken, hot sauce, and an egg!”  Not quite, but okay.  Then, he would tell you to visit my blog and try my other recipes.
To read the rest, stop by Simply Helping Him where I’m sharing as part of the Simply Helping Him Corner.
time management

Time Savers: Air Drying

time savers
Tuesday Time Savers

Growing up, we didn’t have a dishwasher.  Actually we did, but we used it as a shelf until we finally sold it.  Mom washed the dishes and one of us dried and put the dishes away.  Sometimes Dad washed and Mom dried.  Either way, it was a team effort, so it took half as much time.

I don’t trust my seven-year-old to carry stoneware and glass across the kitchen, and he can’t reach the shelves, yet.  I also don’t trust him to get the dishes clean enough.  So, I’m without a partner for now.

To make my dish-washing time go a little more smoothly, I let God dry my dishes.  With air, that is.

Don’t waste time standing at the sink drying the dishes (dirtying a towel that will need to be washed…).  Your dishes don’t need to be dried by hand (unless you have really hard water and don’t like spotty dishes).  Get something else done while the dishes dry themselves.

I wash all of my dishes, then I wipe down my counters and stove, then I sweep the kitchen floor.  And, when I’m done, my dishes are dry and ready to be put away.


time management

Time Savers: Toss the Junk

time savers
Tuesday Time Savers

Where do you put your mail?  For awhile, we piled it on the dining room table.  Then, we put it on the kitchen counter.  Then the desk.  Then the trash!

More than half the mail that comes into this house is junk.  The other half is typically something that needs filed, never to be seen again.  Don’t wait!  Do it right away!

I sort the mail over the trash can, and immediately toss the junk.  I can have it separated into “keep” and “toss” piles by the time I get to the trash.

Then, sort the rest of the mail and put it in it’s place – coupons in your purse, magazines in the rack, insurance papers in the file cabinet, bills in your busy bag…

Don’t wait until it all piles up!!


Menu for February 4 – 10

Yet another week of a late menu plan!  Last week I didn’t even have a menu plan.. and I thought I was going to lose my mind!  I didn’t realize how much I rely on these plans to make decisions for me after working all day, when my brain is begging for a break.

This week, we don’t have too much going on.  Wrestling season is almost over!!  Not that we don’t like wrestling season, but by February I really miss my husband.

I had a great birthday on Saturday 🙂  I will post pictures sometime this week.  I’ve also been working on something really fun, that I will be sharing in a few weeks!!


Monday:  Freezer Pizza

Tuesday:  Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti and garlic toast

Wednesday:  Pizza before Church

Thursday:  BBQ Ribs with tater tots

Friday:  Marinated Chicken with rice

Saturday:  Leftovers

Sunday:  Dinner with family for my birthday