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Time Savers: Toss the Junk

time savers
Tuesday Time Savers

Where do you put your mail?  For awhile, we piled it on the dining room table.  Then, we put it on the kitchen counter.  Then the desk.  Then the trash!

More than half the mail that comes into this house is junk.  The other half is typically something that needs filed, never to be seen again.  Don’t wait!  Do it right away!

I sort the mail over the trash can, and immediately toss the junk.  I can have it separated into “keep” and “toss” piles by the time I get to the trash.

Then, sort the rest of the mail and put it in it’s place – coupons in your purse, magazines in the rack, insurance papers in the file cabinet, bills in your busy bag…

Don’t wait until it all piles up!!


5 thoughts on “Time Savers: Toss the Junk”

    1. Yes! I guess I take that one for granted 🙂 My husband still likes to get bills in paper form, but I get most of mine electronically.

      1. We use paper bills mostly. A couple of our bills they charge us extra to do it online. We looked into having the mortgage auto drafted and it was a $14/month fee!

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