For the Love of Food: Making Cooking Easier

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  My husband, Chris, loves when I cook.  I mean, when I “really” cook.  As in, from scratch.

Sure, he’ll eat country-fried steaks out of a box from Sam’s Club.  He’ll eat them and he’ll like them.  But, if I breaded some cube steak and made white pepper gravy from scratch, he would love it.

He would eat them.  Then he would ask, “Do you care if I eat the rest of these?” and he would tell me how delicious are.  Then, he would take the leftovers to work to show off.  Then, he would tell everyone he met that week about his wife’s “amazing” homemade country-fried steaks.   He would tell you that the recipe is easy and he would name the a few ingredients, just to prove it.  ”Try her buffalo chicken meatloaf.  It’s easy.  It’s just chicken, hot sauce, and an egg!”  Not quite, but okay.  Then, he would tell you to visit my blog and try my other recipes.
To read the rest, stop by Simply Helping Him where I’m sharing as part of the Simply Helping Him Corner.

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