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Time Savers: Air Drying

time savers
Tuesday Time Savers

Growing up, we didn’t have a dishwasher.  Actually we did, but we used it as a shelf until we finally sold it.  Mom washed the dishes and one of us dried and put the dishes away.  Sometimes Dad washed and Mom dried.  Either way, it was a team effort, so it took half as much time.

I don’t trust my seven-year-old to carry stoneware and glass across the kitchen, and he can’t reach the shelves, yet.  I also don’t trust him to get the dishes clean enough.  So, I’m without a partner for now.

To make my dish-washing time go a little more smoothly, I let God dry my dishes.  With air, that is.

Don’t waste time standing at the sink drying the dishes (dirtying a towel that will need to be washed…).  Your dishes don’t need to be dried by hand (unless you have really hard water and don’t like spotty dishes).  Get something else done while the dishes dry themselves.

I wash all of my dishes, then I wipe down my counters and stove, then I sweep the kitchen floor.  And, when I’m done, my dishes are dry and ready to be put away.



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