Menu for April 14 – 20

Only two more weeks left in the semester!  I’m sort of excited about it 🙂 Mostly, I’m excited for the warmer weather and all that comes with it.

I’m also excited about waitressing again.  As much as I love what I do as a tutor and a teacher… I don’t like sitting at a desk all day.  I got a whiteboard in my room recently, so now I have an excuse to stand up every so often!!

Dinner and menu planning has been somewhat of an afterthought at our house recently.  Monday and Wednesday the whole family is busy.. Tuesday and Thursday Chris is coaching late… Saturday and Sunday we spend with extended family… so Friday we usually order take out!!  I miss cooking… but I just don’t have much time for it lately.

Not only are we too busy to eat dinner as a family… we’re also too busy to clean.  My amazing husband helped me do a “baby proofing” cleaning session last night, because I was on the verge of a breakdown.  I cannot function in a cluttered house.  But, thanks to my hubby, it’s looking a lot better.. and I’m feeling much more sane.

Menu Plans:



Landon and I make protein shakes.  He likes a chocolate milk shake, and I usually make mine with coffee.  Note:  If your children would like to try a protein shake, check the nutrition information.  The mix that I use suggests half a serving of protein powder for children under 12.


I double my morning shake and drink half for lunch.  I also have half a grapefruit most days with my shake.  Chris makes ham and cheese sandwiches or takes leftovers.  He likes to add pretzels or cashews as a snack.


I pack a veggie (celery or carrots), a fruit (grapes or apple), and high protein snack (almonds, hard-boiled egg, or greek yogurt).  I take my lunch early because Raegan eats lunch at 11:00 at day care, so I try to get there in time to nurse her before their lunch is over.  So, I eat all of my snacks throughout the afternoon.  I get really hungry in the afternoons, so I try to eat a little extra protein to keep me full until dinner.


Sunday – We took my mom out because she finished grad school this week.  Woo hoo!

Monday – Pizza (half leftovers from Friday, half freezer pizza) and salads.

Tuesday – Buttery Balsamic Pasta with Chicken (new receipe.. if it’s any good, I’ll share it)

Wednesday – Marinated Chicken in the crock pot.  Served with rice.

Thursday – Cheeseburger Meatloaf

Friday – Greek Chicken Salads

Saturday – My little brother’s birthday party!!



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