time management

Time Savers: Bathtime!

Do you have small children?  At that inbetween age, when they can bathe themselves, but still need you around for assistance?

I used to tell my son he had to get out of the bath because, “I have things to do.”  Let him play, Mom!!  Get some things done while he plays.

Now my son is old enough to shower, alone.  But, he needs frequent reminders to hurry up and not to waste water.  So, I’m still stuck in there.

  • I wipe down the sink, shelves, and mirror.
  • I clean the toilet when necessary.
  • I make sure there are spare rolls of toilet paper handy.
  • I straighten the magazine rack.

If you don’t have little ones, you can still add some quick bathroom cleaning to your schedule.

  • Hang a squeegee in your shower and clean the doors before you get out.
  • Dry yourself, then dry the shower walls.
  • Clean the drain while you condition your hair.

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