time management

Time Savers: Hold the Phone

I read in The Art of Homemaking, that a woman should consider installing a phone with an extra long cord in her kitchen.  This way, while she catches up with her friends, she can still be a productive homemaker.

I laughed.  Out loud.  Then I read it to my husband.  And laughed some more.

The idea of installing a phone.  With an extra long cord.  So a woman can stay in the kitchen… It still makes me chuckle.

Then, I realized, I don’t sit down idly while I’m on the phone.  Whether I’m talking to a friend, my mom, or a customer service representative, I’m working on something.

Next time you’re on the phone, try to get something done.

  • File papers.
  • Put dishes away.
  • Pull out dinner to thaw.
  • Gather the dirty clothes.
  • Fold or put away clean laundry.
  • Tidy up the room you’re in.

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