Flats & Handwashing Challenge {Day 2}

Day 1 Recap:  Day 1 went pretty smoothly for all the running around we did.  We went to church, my mom’s, my grandma’s, my MILs, and out for icecream.  We actually only used 5 diapers, including our nighttime diaper.  I had packed two pocket diapers stuffed with FSTs for family/friends to use for easier changes, along with a bunch of pad-folded FSTs and covers.  If my leg wasn’t broken, I could easily just say, let me change her and use less covers that way – but I can’t, so I made adjustments.  I have plenty of covers, so it’s not a big deal to stuff them and use them as pockets.

Last night before bed, I rinsed off all of the diapers that needed rinsed and I put them in to soak for about 30 minutes.  I’m washing in the morning today but I might switch that and wash at night instead.  I have plenty of diapers and covers, so I could probably go every other day washing but I worry about them not getting dry since I can’t use my clothesline while my leg is broken. 

Here is my stash!


I have 8 SoftBums shells, all purchased used from the SoftBums B/S/T group on Facebook (except one I bought last week from Eco Baby Boutique).  I got some Omni and some Echo because I wanted to try both.  I like that I can get a better fit with the Echo but the Omni can also be used as a pocket, which is the only type of diaper my husband will use.  So they both have their pros.

2 Omni Shells (Ocean and Snowcone) $34

1 Peace-a-phants Omni Shell $22

3 Echo Shells (2 Ocean and 1 Snowcone) $55

1 Pink Echo Shell $18 (pictured ON THE BUM below)

1 Nebula Omni Shell (just arrived on Monday morning!!) $25


I’m using 12 flour sack towels as my flats.  My husband picked these up at Sam’s Club for me for around $13 with tax.  I washed them twice to prep them, because I read they shrink in the dryer and it really helps to tighten the weave of the fabric.  We tested them out the last few week in the “pad fold” and they are working great.  They are supposedly really easy to handwash as well.

If I end up getting behind on the laundry (I plan to wash daily), I will use my pockets as covers and I will use tshirts as flats.  I have an old flannel sheet set that I can also cut up into flats to use as doublers or just extra flats.

So my official stash cost us $167.  Maybe after the challenge I will post an update of my entire diaper stash!!

Stay tuned for other posts about the challenge:

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