Flats & Handwashing Challenge {Day 3}

Day 2 Recap:  I totally got caught up in my work yesterday morning and completely forgot to change Raegan’s diaper between 9am and 1pm.  Oops.  Then she fell asleep (and so did I) so she didn’t get changed until late in the evening.  Good thing FSTs hold a lot!!  I haven’t cut up my flannel sheet yet, because I can’t get to my sewing machine and I’m worried that the edges will fray too much before I get a chance to serge them.

Today’s blogging challenge is an open topic.  Since the theme of the week is diapers, I’m going to rave about my favorite diaper rash remedy. CJs BUTTer Spritz o BUTTer Plus

This fall, Raegan ended up with a terrible rash.  Every time she had a BM, it practically ate her skin away.  I’ve seen other moms call it “battery acid poo” and that’s an accurate description.

We tried Desitin.  We tried A&D.

The poor girl would get these blisters and as soon as I wiped her to clean her bottom the blisters would break open and bleed.  It was so bad that I took her to the doctor to get it checked out.  The doctor assured me it was a yeast rash, which I had never heard of, so I started researching.

We tried prescription cream.  When that didn’t work, we went back to the doctor.  We tried Aquaphor, which actually worked for a short period of time.  We tried coconut oil with a splash of tea tree oil.

Then I came across CJs BUTTer Spritz o BUTTer Plus.  It’s designed specifically for yeast rashes, with all natural ingredients.  I got a tube of regular CJ’s Butter first, because the store I ordered from was out of the PLUS formula.  The regular stuff worked.  It at least kept the rash from getting any worse.  But, as soon as the CJ’s Butter PLUS Spritz arrived, her rash was gone.  I swear by the stuff.

I like that with the Spritz, I don’t have to actually touch her rash (so no more irritating those blisters). The Spritz also has lasted us a lot longer than the tube of cream because it’s easier to control how much you use each time.  And, the smell of the PLUS formula is strong but not bad.  It’s better than the fishy smell of Aquaphor.  But, the best part was that CJ’s is cloth diaper safe!!

Just to be safe, the day care started using our cloth diapers and they restricted her diet a bit (no acidic fruit or juice, low fat milk).  The day care even started using wet paper-towels instead of baby wipes!  They were super helpful.

She ended up getting another rash just last month when I broke my leg.  She was with family for a few days while I adjusted to life on crutches and she used a lot of disposable diapers.  It seemed like her rash came back almost instantly, but a few days with CJ’s PLUS and it cleared up again.

I use regular scented CJ’s Butter Spritz for normal diaper changes.  We just finished out our bottle of Tis the Season, which smells like Christmas cookies!  I have a bottle of Monkey Farts scented Spritz in her dresser, but I can’t get upstairs to grab it!  The Spritz lasts forever!  Monkey Farts has to be my favorite scent so far.  Bananas & coconut.  I also got some Pink Sugar scented Spritz for a friend and that was pretty yummy smelling.  CJ’s has a ton of fun scents that I want to try…. Narwhales & Unicorns, Mango Sugar & Mint, Blueberry Crumble, Pixie Pie.. and then they have seasonal scents!  Who knew cloth-diaper-safe rash cream could be so fun??

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