Flats & Handwashing Challenge {Day 5}

Day 4 Recap:  Washing at night is a lifesaver, but it broke my little girl’s heart!  The diapers were all dry by the time we woke up (7ish)!  But, when Raegan got up and started moving around, she brought me the plunger and my Buncha Farmers stain stick and said, “Coming, Mommy?”  I didn’t realize it had already become part of her routine.  So, I made sure I washed the diapers before she fell asleep last night.

My Flats Experience:  Folds I love & How they’re working.

We haven’t been too adventurous with folds.  I can’t get the FST to fit correctly inside the covers unless I use a pad fold.  And I don’t really do an “official” pad fold either.  I fold the FST into quarters then I fold both sides into the middle and fold the whole thing in half.  I just lay that in the center of a cover and snap her up!  When I do any kind of wrap-around-snappi set-up, the sides stick out of the cover and cause leaks… no matter how much I jellyroll.

The only fold I have really used is the Happy Anteater.  I tried the Origami fold, but the wings were just too big, so I like the modification on the Happy Anteater.  This fold gives me that extra absorbency in the middle like a pad fold, but allows me to use the FST without a cover.  So, on the second day of the challenge, when my laundry wasn’t drying nearly as quickly as I thought it would, we used some FST without covers until the laundry was done.

Raegan doesn’t seem to care which style she wears.  But, it is sort of difficult to fold a large flat in any creative way while I’m stuck sitting here on the couch.  She gets impatient waiting for me to tweak and perfect the flat.  If I was more mobile and could fold things ahead of time (maybe even iron them!!) I may be more inclined to use a fancy fold.  For now I’m good with a plain old thick rectangle!!

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