Flats & Handwashing Challenge {Day 7}

Day 6 Recap:  Since I took a day off from laundry on Day 5, I was worried about running out of diapers on Day 6.  But, I have 12 FST and I had not cut up my flannel sheet set yet.  Then my husband told me that the kids were going to my in-laws for the night… and I’m not asking them to participate in my handwashing challenge!!  So I have two clean flats left for Day 7 when everyone comes home and the rest of the diapers are soaking.

Overall Experience:  What did you learn?  Would you do it?

Overall, this wasn’t very hard!  I could totally do this every day if I were home full time.  I could do a much better job of it if I had use of both of my legs, too.  If only I could have used my clothesline to sun some diapers!!

I really like reusable covers.  They cut down on diaper laundry dramatically.  I would much rather wash 5 FST and 2 covers (only 7 pieces from 5 changes)– when I double stuff my pockets, I would have to wash 15 things for those 5 changes!!  I will just need to find somewhere else to hang my covers between uses when I don’t need my walker anymore!

Diapers clean up much more easily when they are soaked.  I might use the soak cycle on my washer instead of the rinse to start off the laundry — or maybe I’ll soak the diapers in the pail for a bit before tossing them into the washer.

I love the spin cycle on my washing machine.  Wringing out diapers well enough so that they would dry inside was probably the worst part – and it wasn’t even difficult, it was just a pain.  And, it could be because of my leg.  By the end of my washing routine, my foot was swollen and my ankle was hurting and wringing out diapers was the last thing I wanted to do.  But nonetheless, I miss my spin cycle.

Would I do it?  Yes!  I will definitely take my FSTs and covers on our next camping trip.  I will definitely use more flats & covers in our rotation.  I loved washing diapers with Raegan.  I loved how excited she would get every time we walked into the laundry room.  I just hope she gets this excited about the other chores I show her as the years go on!!

I will definitely be participating next year!!

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