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Trial & ERROR: The “Sandwich” Setting

This is what my kitchen looks like right now.  But, I still wanted to be productive today so I planned to make more Sandwich Bread.  I got it in the bread machine before my son left for school.. I also used up the rest of the wheat flour I had in the pantry.

Oops.  What happened?  Well… I mixed it up without even looking at the recipe – but I’m almost positive I got the ingredients all correct!  My guess is that I shouldn’t use the sandwich bread recipe AND the sandwich bread setting at the same time.
After the first knead/rise cycle, I restarted the machine like I always do with this recipe.  Except, this time I decided to try the sandwich bread setting.  Don’t do that.  If you use the sandwich setting, just trust the machine to make good sandwich bread.  Don’t try to out smart it by adding a knead/rise cycle.  Lesson learned!!
I froze the bread anyway and will use it to make bread crumbs for our favorite chicken parmigiana recipe.
Pictures of the new kitchen sink & countertop coming soon!!
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