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Time Savers: Hold the Phone

I read in The Art of Homemaking, that a woman should consider installing a phone with an extra long cord in her kitchen.  This way, while she catches up with her friends, she can still be a productive homemaker.

I laughed.  Out loud.  Then I read it to my husband.  And laughed some more.

The idea of installing a phone.  With an extra long cord.  So a woman can stay in the kitchen… It still makes me chuckle.

Then, I realized, I don’t sit down idly while I’m on the phone.  Whether I’m talking to a friend, my mom, or a customer service representative, I’m working on something.

Next time you’re on the phone, try to get something done.

  • File papers.
  • Put dishes away.
  • Pull out dinner to thaw.
  • Gather the dirty clothes.
  • Fold or put away clean laundry.
  • Tidy up the room you’re in.
time management

Time Savers: Drop Spot

Where are my keys?

Can you call my cell phone?

Any of my family members can tell you, I spend more time looking for what I need to leave the house than I need to.  If it’s not something of mine, it’s Landon’s shoes, or the diaper bag.

Put it in one place, and always put it in the same place!  Hang your coat with your purse, beside a shoe basket.  Keep a bowl on a shelf for keys, wallets, and watches.

If you always put it in the same place, it should always be there.  Save time, stop looking.

time management

Time Savers: Bathtime!

Do you have small children?  At that inbetween age, when they can bathe themselves, but still need you around for assistance?

I used to tell my son he had to get out of the bath because, “I have things to do.”  Let him play, Mom!!  Get some things done while he plays.

Now my son is old enough to shower, alone.  But, he needs frequent reminders to hurry up and not to waste water.  So, I’m still stuck in there.

  • I wipe down the sink, shelves, and mirror.
  • I clean the toilet when necessary.
  • I make sure there are spare rolls of toilet paper handy.
  • I straighten the magazine rack.

If you don’t have little ones, you can still add some quick bathroom cleaning to your schedule.

  • Hang a squeegee in your shower and clean the doors before you get out.
  • Dry yourself, then dry the shower walls.
  • Clean the drain while you condition your hair.

My 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge

I see a lot of “weight loss transformations” on Pinterest and other websites that show women “losing weight” after pregnacy.  Losing pregnancy weight is completely different from losing weight that is not a result of pregnancy.  A woman’s body is designed to grow a child.  She gains weight to support that process.  Then, her body knows that the process is over, so she loses the weight.  Yes, it’s possible for the weight to linger… but it’s designed to be lost.


I lost all of my baby weight from my pregnancy within 15 days of giving birth.  Woo-hoo.  Thanks breastfeeding!  Sort of.


I was still really overweight.  I think most of it was in my arms, lol.   I had tried losing weight before I got pregnant, but I knew I would be breastfeeding so I thought I could wait and lose weight afterwards.  Then, because I had developed gestational diabetes during pregnancy, there was a pretty big chance that I would develop Type 2 Diabetes within the next few years… unless I lost weight.


I joined the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge in November — but I didn’t drink two shakes a day because I was still breastfeeding exclusively and I couldn’t cut calories like that.  I loved the shakes and I felt so much better when I drank them.  Comparing my “reports” on My Fitness Pal, I eat a much more balanced diet when I drink a shake.


I celebrated my 25th birthday in February.  That was probably the first time I saw myself (not pregnant) in pictures for years.  I was disgusted with myself.  I was leaning too hard on the excuse, “I just had a baby.”  I had lost that weight… this was weight I had from the beginning.


In March, Raegan was nursing 4-5 times per day and I was not losing any weight.  I also got a new phone… one with APPS 🙂 finally….  I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app and started tracking my calories.  I also downloaded the Couch to 5k program on the RunDouble app, which I absolutely love.  I started drinking Body by Vi shakes twice a day.

2013-04-12 004


Initially, I lost most of the weight from my neck and face.  I also felt amazing.  I ate cleaner (and a lot more fruits and vegetables).  I exercised almost daily (something I had never done before).  I had a ton of energy.

I weighed 176.4 when I started in November.  I had lost nothing by March when I started “officially”.  I stopped counting calories in May, because I ate almost the same thing every day, and I had to stop running for a few weeks because of shin splints.  Today, on day 90, I weighed in at 148.4!  That’s a 28 pound weight loss!


Look at the difference in my arms in these two pictures (above)!  I lost at least 3 inches from my arms (definitely more because I didn’t measure them until halfway through the 90-day challenge).  I also lost at least one inch from around my neck, at least 3 inches from my legs (both measured one month into the challenge), six inches from my waist, and five inches from my hips.  That’s 18 inches!!  My diastasis recti has improved dramatically.



So here is what a typical day looked like for me during the challenge:

Breakfast 8am:
Coffee Shake — 8oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 8 oz coffee, 1/4 banana, 2 scoops of Vi shake mix.

Morning Snack 10am:
1/2 red grapefruit

Lunch 12pm:
Coffee shake (double morning recipe and store in fridge until lunch!)

Afternoon snack #1 at 2pm:
Apple with 1 tbsp peanut butter

Afternoon snack #2 at 4pm:
1/4 cup raw almonds and 1 cup grapes.

Supper 6pm:
Chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing (bleu cheese and walnuts).

or 6-inch veggie delite sub from Subway with provolone cheese and red wine vinegar

or grilled chicken breast with asparagus

or a single serving of whatever the family was eating and a heaping side of steamed veggies.

Run/walk with Couch to 5k plan for 35 minutes

or yoga class for 60 minutes


I tried cutting calories on my own without drinking the shakes and all it did was leave me hungry and even more tired.  This “diet” did not leave me hungry, at all.  Sometimes I didn’t even finish my shakes because I was full!  And, I could never have exercised without the energy that I got from the Body by Vi shakes.  I’m running a different 5k every month this summer and working towards a half marathon someday!

2013-06-10 396




What are your fitness and weight loss goals?  What gets in the way of you losing weight or exercising?




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Trying to catch up…


Just checking in to say hello and we’re still here!  Last month and this month have been busier than busy… I’m longing for just one day with everyone in the house and no where to go!  I have a lot of cleaning to catch up on as well…as you can see from that full laundry hamper up there in the photo!  I better get back to work 🙂 I hope you’re all finding ways to enjoy the nice spring weather!



Menu for April 21-27



Sunday:  Chipotle.  This was my first time there.. it was amazing.  I got a chicken salad with black beans, mild salsa, corn&chile salsa, and dressing.  We’re addicted.  Look for some copy-cat recipes coming this summer!

Monday:  Subway.  Between coaching and boy scouts, it’s just easier to eat out on Mondays.

Tuesday:  Garlic Parmesan Chicken with potatoes and asparagus.  Thanks, Pinterest!

Wednesday:  Dinner with family.

Thursday:  Maybe Pizza??  Maybe leftovers to clean out the fridge before vacation…

Friday:  Vacation!!  And, I’m going to eat like a pig.

Saturday:  Vacation!!  I wonder how much weight I’ll gain back?